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Nexx Garage

Nexx Garage is a companion device to most existing garage door openers that allows one or more users to securely open, close, and monitor their garage door from anywhere in the World.

Nexx Plug

Nexx Plug is a smart WiFi enabled electrical power plug that allows one or more users to turn on or off their appliances or devices from any location.  This smart device can be controlled with your smartphone, Alexa, and Google assistant devices, or just by driving your car home.

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  • Retailers/Resellers

    If you are interested in reselling our products, contact us at info@simpaltek.com to receive our reseller program package.

  • Manufacturers

    We are offering the core technology of Nexx to garage, gate, and car barrier manufacturers. Our technology includes hardware, our mobile app, cloud services, and our 5-star support. We can provide you with a custom branded solution, too.

    Email us at info@simpaltek.com, and let's start working together!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the 3 main features of Nexx Garage?

1. Reminders: Notifies you if your garage door is left open.  

2. Multiple Activation: Allows you to activate your opener from mobile app, Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, or by just driving home.  

3. Sharing: Allows you to give other permission to activate your opener.

How difficult is it to install Nexx Garage?

Installation is quick and simple and only takes about 45 minutes with additional support availabe 7 days a week.

How secure is your solution?

Because security is our top priority, that's why we use state-of-the-art SSL encryption technology.

Is it compatible with other garage door openers?

Nexx Garage is compatible with the majority of gate openers in the market. In the very rare situation where compatibility issues might arise, we can provide a free workaround solution.

Are you doing any advertising?

Yes, we will work closely with our retailers to advertise our products.

How many complaints are you getting from actual customers?

If you go to our Amazon.com listings, you will quickly see that we have the best rating for any products in our market space.

How does the Nexx Garage licensing work?

Our licensing program provides manufacturers access to our hardware, mobile app, and cloud service.  

We can manufacture the hardware or provide the design for you to manufacture.

Mobile app can be rebranded to suit your needs while we will maintain the support cloud infrastructure.  

Because there are so many licensing possibilities, please contact us at info@simpaltek.com to discuss your specific needs.